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Henrikas Čerapas

Henrikas Čerapas is a painter who cannot be easily analyzed using conventional methods within the context of contemporary painting. His work rejects the trend of depersonalised art in favour of a deep, personal connection to his craft. Čerapas's journey as an artist navigates between creation and destruction, faith and uncertainty, marked by a profound philosophical and theological undertone.

His focus on soil as a recurring motif transcends the mere depiction of landscapes, delving into the existential relationship between humans and the land. Over time, his work evolved from intimate spaces to expansive landscapes, reflecting his personal history and the broader socio-political context of Lithuania.

The artist's recent mega-paintings are characterised by their impressive scale and visual intensity, capturing the essence of "visual music." Čerapas continues to embrace pure imagery and the harmony of randomness in his works.

In Čerapas's art, the line between personal experience and universal themes blurs, inviting viewers to contemplate the deeper meaning within his creations.

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