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Olivia Cognet

Born and raised in Nice, France, Olivia Cognet began her career as an accessory designer for luxury fashion brands such as Lanvin, Sonia Rykiel, and Isabel Marant. Her creative journey led her to explore the world of ceramics, where she seamlessly blends modern brutalism with absolute femininity.


After years in Los Angeles perfecting her craft, Olivia returned to her native South of France. Her work, including panoramic murals, sculpture lamps, and vases, draws inspiration from the Côte d'Azur and California. In Vallauris, she continues the legacy of renowned ceramicist Roger Capron, shaping her art with abstract forms and Mediterranean patterns.


Olivia now resides in Capron's legendary studio, a source of daily inspiration. She is deeply connected to the local artistic community and skilled craftspeople in Vallauris, drawing from the beauty of the French Riviera to fuel her creative passion.

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